Shenzhen Makers@World is an international exchange program of makers sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen city government and Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation. The program aims to connect Shenzhen entrepreneurs and creative innovators with their counterparts in the San Francisco Bay Area, in order to build international maker networks and share the latest trends in IoT development and industrial design across both sides of the Pacific. The first batch of 10 makers from the program will visit Silicon Valley in February 2016.


    By jointly working with maker spaces, mass entrepreneurship platforms, innovation incubators, accelerators and venture capital institutions in China and US, the program will cultivate and incubate great makers and their projects, facilitate global maker culture exchange, and develop the better understanding of innovation trends and business practices, and other aspects of sustainable development.


    The ten makers have been carefully selected from Shenzhen's vibrant innovation, design, and manufacturing Maker community. They range from seasoned professionals with deep experience building businesses and hardware products, to promising student Makers, to industrial designers and artists, to researchers tracking Shenzhen's innovation culture. One thing they all have in common: they are pioneers in the Shenzhen Maker ecosystem. This inaugural Shenzhen Makers@World group will travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley in search of technical and social exchange with local Makers, crowdfunding platforms, incubators, artists, accelerators, and VCs.


    By sticking to high-level "bring in" and large-scale "go global" strategy, the program will support makers' innovation and entrepreneurship in business start-ups, project development and research, relative policy, achievements transformation and other aspects, promote the rapid development of Shenzhen maker movement, enhance maker communication and cooperation at home and abroad, integrate global maker innovation resources, build up an open, integrated and creative innovation ecosystem and set up foundation and platform for the development of IoT, manufacturing and industrial design so as to make Shenzhen as a "City of Maker".



    Hosted by:

    Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation


    Organized by:

    Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL)


    Co-organized by:

    Institute for the Future (IFTF)

    Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association

    Huaqiang Bei International Maker Center

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    Shenzhen Zaker


    Here's our first 10 Shenzhen makers@world!

    Gary Cao

    Director of Supplier Chain, Emie, a design-oriented electronics company

    • 2009-2011,Chief R&D engineer of ECM microphone for Macbook air2/ iMac Core,with full responsibility for design, process, quality, manufacture.
    • 2011-2014,Field application engineer for domestic smartphone market, service HUAWEI,XIAOMI,LENOVO,VIVO,OPPO,ONE PLUS,etc,solve application problem while they are using microphone,speaker,receiver,vibrator,antenna,metal housing.
    • 2014-2015,Global marketing manager, lead team to integrate total solution with QUALCOMM,MEDIATEK,NXP,INFINEON,TI,ESS,AUDIENCE,DIRAC,OPALUM.
    • Hope to introduce the hardware developing experience of SZ,find good project, then try to use SZ supplier chain resource to speed it by SZ MAKERS @ WORLD program.


    • Current Project: Ground+, which is a project aims to summary and optimize the flow chart of hardware developing, set up a system to train marker how to develop a hardware.





    William Du

    Industrial Designer,

    CTO, D+M Creative Haus


    • D + M Creative Haus is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by ARTOP Design Group, which has leading position in China's design innovation field and provide whole-industrial-chain services to various industries.
    • Collaboration with other makers involved in Shenzhen marathon event organized by Alibaba.

    • Open source 3D printing project research in order to lower the cost of prototyping by 3D printing applications. Help makers connect with industry chain through the D+M platform.

    • With Shenzhen MAKERS @ WORLD team, I would like to know more about the difference between makers of home and abroad. Also, I would like to get a tour to the makerspaces in US so as to have a better understanding of the environment of maker community and share my own experience with them.


    • Current project: Community-based small open-source electric vehicles.






    Yurong Huang

    Associate Professor, Institute for Cultural Industries, Shenzhen University

    • Currently, She was deeply involved in the research and development of China’s culture ecosystem of maker movement. She has published Influence of Maker Movement on the Transformation of Shenzhen’s Development Mode, Influence of Maker Faire Shenzhen on the Construction of Shenzhen’s Creative City, A Study on the Formation Factors and Social Impact of China's Maker Movement.
    • By participating in Shenzhen MAKERS @ WORLD, she would like to investigate in person the maker ecosystem of Silicon Valley and finish the research report: Strategic Studies for Shenzhen to speed up the construction of the International Maker Center: from the comparative perspective between China and the United States.


    • Current Project: The Research of building up the ecosystem of Chinese Maker Movement, which will deeply analyzes the problems of China's ecological system construction of maker movement, and tries to find a way to adapt to the construction of the ecological system of maker movement in China.

    Yan Jin

    Supervisor of 2188 Makerspace, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology

    • Graduate from EDP of Maker Education Foundation Maker Mentor by Qinghua University Fundamental Industry Training Center. Held and participate 2015 Maker Competition.Held and participate in Maker Events for International Maker Week Venue.Participate in 2016 Maker Education Exhibition.

    • As a mentor who wants to promote Maker Education and cultivate more Maker, to learn from American Maker Education and to find the balance between American Maker Education and Traditional Chinese Education, in order to create Specific Chinese Maker Education for Chinese Makers is the main purpose. As a supervisor of Shenzhen College Makerspace, to learn management skills and operation skills from American Makerspace and to seek more opportunities of Chinese American Maker Cooperation.


    • Current Project:Strategies for Specific Chinese Maker Education Development, which aims to learn from developed American Maker Education and to create Specific Chinese Maker Education from two different Maker Education.


    Roger Li

    Co-Founder & COO, Shenzhen Rone Phoenix Nest Design Development

    • A senior maker who helps develop customer resources and resolve to make connection of the creative process of the product. I have been working with 5 maker projects including Soundbrenner Pulse by a group of German makers, GogglePal AR by US maker team, smart home, smart toothbrush and wifi dynamic heart rate armlet, which have achieved great crowdfunding and successful production.
    • Through SZ MAKERS @ WORLD, I would like to feel the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial atmosphere, and visit the local well-known enterprises (Apple, Google, Facebook), universities (Stanford University, west Polytechnic University), incubators (Highway1, RocketSpace), and have a deeper communication with local makers, participate in the maker projects if possible so as to understand the difference between home and abroad.


    • Current project: Smart Armlet, which can monitor dynamic real-time heart rate, and provide scientific guidance to fitness exercise.




    Jacob Li

    Founder / CEO, SOG Technologies

    • SOG Technologies is a company aims to promote maker culture by maker related self-media/talk show and developing related tutorials, wish more and more people can join maker movement with our efforts.
    • 15+ years of Chinese/European/US high-tech company experiences. Familiar with the definition, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of electronic and IC products. Designed the <Maker 101> tutorial, and is working on a self-media/talk show <The Era of Maker>.
    • To know more great makers in silicon valley, learn more great maker movement stories in US, get first hand info and materials to enrich own tutorials and self-media/talk show, help more people to love and join maker movement.


    • Current Project: <Maker101> Tutorial: To teach people to learn multiple knowledge and skills like electronics, color and display, music, computer and coding in one episode, and with fun;  <The Era of Makers>:Will be a maker self-media/talk show program. Hope can make more and more ordinary people join and enjoy the great maker movement.

    Ryan Liang

    Administrator of ABI Maker Space, Shenzhen DIY

    • Help with all types of the company to achieve mass production and help over 10 start-up companies to understand the Huaqiangbei business mode and Shenzhen maker movement history. Let the Huaqiangbei and makers come together to make a better “China 2025”.
    • Aims to have a deeper communication with countries abroad on maker culture and maker movement research during SZ MAKERS @ WORLD proam.


    • Current Project: 
    1. Lazy Planter: an automatic planting machine
    2. M5 Prototype Kit open source electronics education kit.
    3. The Curious VR: VR content devices
    4. IOT solution: cloud, app, embedded total solution






    Vito Wang

    Visual Artist, 70miles Visual Studio

    • 70miles Visual Studio is a personal studio, provide video recording, advertising film, interactive art design and other services.
    • Some digital art works based on open source hardware,such as“There they gone” (2014,Shenzhen New Who Art gallery,Interactive video based on Kinect); “So far” (2015, HKBU Kai Tak Campus, Interactive video based on Arduino); “Moon gate” (2015, Taipei MocA, Interactive video); “N=distortion”(2016,UABB Shenzhen, Statue)

    • Comprehend the newest idea of the makers in US,Find more people interested in the “Art-Maker” realm and exploit the new cross-domain pattern in American by participating in SZ MAKERS @ WORLD.


    • Current Project: Interactive Installation “Eyes of time”, a tool used to record and recreation“flowing art works” (like Behavior arts) using Arduino and other sensors to collect invisible factors in the art gallery.

    Sam Wu

    Student, Physics Department, Shenzhen University

    • Begin to learn maker and some projects about maker in senior 2.
    • Studied 3D printer in senior 3.
    • Started to learn arduino language and exploitation Arduino in ShenZhen university.
    • Attempt to invite his friends to set up a maker community and explore the way of maker's development in the future.
    • Would like to learn more about foreign maker experience so as to develop his own maker project and maker community he would like to build up. Also, by participating SZ MAKERS @ WORLD, he would like to have a deeper communication and exchange with foreign senior makers so as hold more better maker events in Shenzhen University.


    • Current Project: 3D Print Technology and Arduino Develop. 3D print modeling and application, also thoroughly learn Arduino language and the application of Arduino board.

    Yang Yang

    Founder of UniMaker

    • RPTech Works Ltd. working in 3D printing industry, has its own team doing research and production for 3D printers. Founder Yang has his experience in oversea design and medical field, which brings an advantage of bring customer requirements to Shenzhen and make the product work. The goal of the company is prototype related products and mass produced in shenzhen.
    • Graduated from industrial design and engineering system, Yang has broader understanding of a product from design to production. his company mainly in 3D industry field, worked closely with product design, customized jewelry and medical device, those experience made him had deeper understanding about Low Volume Manufacturing (LVM), and the differences between mass production.

    • To be a part of SZ MAKERS @ WORLD is great pleasure. With this opportunity, I would like to know more about how Silicon Valley works, especially how venture capital works and the differences between shenzhen and them. I'd like to work with a agency or organization there to create a platform, which show off the very best of shenzhen manufacture and products.

    • Current Project: 3D printing in Large scale(FDM). A large 3D printer that prints a whole car. it designed to work with other project which is design and manufacturing electric vehicle.


    Take a look and enjoy!

    Shenzhen Makers@World is officially launched, which will select 10 Shenzhen local makers travel to US for free!



    Shenzhen Evening News A10

    Shenzhen Makers@World was officially launched during Designing the Future·SZIDF Gala Dinner (Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair).



    Shenzhen Evening News A06

    Daivd Li, Founder of SZOIL and VanNess Lee, CEO of SZOIL were taking photo with local maker.


    VanNess Lee, CEO of SZOIL was making presentation about Shenzhen Makers@World.

    Shenzhen Makers@World released final top 10 makers list.

    The award-winning 10 makers will take a three-week study tour to Silicon Valley, the "Maker Base Camp" under the auspices of the Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation to learn more about the maker culture and technology so as to maker reverse feeding to Shenzhen maker ecosystem.

    During the tour, the Shenzhen Makers will dive into the diverse elements of the Bay Area making and innovation environment, including artists, entrepreneurs, students, tech companies, crowdfunding platforms, VCs, and incubators.

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